Many people ask if we’ve always set out with ‘Organic viticulture’ in mind. While our wines are organic, we simply grow wine with the true taste of Jordan at heart.

“Nature is the best engineer,” My father, Bulos Zumot, always said. “It has been taking care of vines for thousands of years.”

In our vineyards, lady bugs control aphids, wasps are nature’s pesticides, birds clean the vineyards from worms and pests, owls and falcons protect the vines and control smaller birds. Fish pond waters provide vine roots with the needed nitrates and nutrients and wild grass and thorns keep the soil rich, alive and aid with the rotation of the nutrients. Awassi sheep -species native to Jordan- eat the vines’ dry leaves without hurting the trunk or grapes from November till early budding. Their saliva sterilizes vine trunks and their waste fertilizes the soil.

As a result, Zumot Vineyard received the Swiss IMO Certification for Organic Wine Grape Production in 2009 and in 2010 Zumot Winery received the Certification for Organic Wine. 

Our wines, named after the Saint George Church near our first vineyard in Madaba, combine complexity, richness and depth. As we do not manipulate the character of our wine, each Saint George bottle is unique, filled with Jordan’s climate, soil, and spirit for that year.