When my father, Bulos Zumot, first started his business as a vintner in 1954, he had a dream. His dream was to give Jordan its niche on the map of world-class, quality wine.

Though Jordan was one of the few to claim biblical origins for wine, it was nowhere on the world wine map.
Local wineries made their wines using normal grapes resulting in sub-standard quality.

The dream came to life in a patch of land in Madaba, near the historical Saint George Church, where we started growing the first wine grapes in Jordan.

Adopting a ‘human-free’ growing policy, we decided to let nature take the lead. In our three main viticulture areas, no pesticides or artificial nutrients were used for over 13 years. Instead, nature balanced itself and gave us its exceptional bounty: Wines rich with flavor, depth, and complexity.To us, nature is the true Winemaker, and wine is our passion.

                                     -    Omar B. Zumot, Winemaker of Zumot Winery and Vineyards