When we started planting our first vineyard in Madaba, there was no one to learn from for no one had planted wine grapes before in Jordan.
To us, that was a true blessing in disguise. Instead of following wine-making norms, we had to break all standards we’ve learnt over the years; we built our own set of rules for growing wine grapes in a Jordanian soil and climate.

We did not believe in the impossible and experimented with hard-to-grow varietals such as the Pinot Noir.
The results blew us away, as the Jordanian climate not only proved to be suitable for wine grape viticulture, but also a source of quality, rich grapes.

Today, with three viticulture areas, we take pride in one particular location: Sama.
The Sama Vineyard produces rich, fruity grapes as its soil combines a unique, ideal blend of clay, basalt, and limestone. .