The Winemaker

One has not tasted Jordanian wine if he has not tasted Saint George wines. Rich, complex, and unique, the Saint George wines are Jordan’s soul in a bottle.
We invite you to sample and purchase our current wines at the Winemaker in Wadi Saqra. Book an appointment today by calling +962 6 461 4125 or emailing us at

Visit Saint George Vineyards

Our best wines come from the Sama Vineyard located at the Northern borders. Book a tour today to journey through our vineyards, taste our wines, and explore the cellars. Get to know the winemaking process and marvel at the beauties of the Sama region. 

Your once-in-a-lifetime journey into the world of Saint George Wines starts with a reservation, contact us today at +962 6 461 4125 or email us at